Dr. LeWinn's Recoverederm - proAGE + Sensitive Skin Dr. LeWinn's Recoverederm - proAGE + Sensitive Skin
Clinically Proven

To soothe and calm sensitive and irritated
skin with marine algae*


Noticed an improvement in skin dryness & tightness^


Noticed an improvement in skin hydration & nourishment^


Noticed an improvement in skin redness & blotchiness^

Discover the new Recoverëderm range from Dr. LeWinn’s, combining targeted solutions for
sensitive skin to reduce the visible signs of ageing.

1. Provides instant soothing relief for distressed skin

2. Reduces skin sensitivities to comfort and normalise skin

3. Supports and strengthens the skin barrier

4. Targets and reduces the visible signs of ageing such as firmness, elasticity, lines & wrinkles

Recommended for mild to highly sensitive, intolerant and irritated skin.
Also suitable for post cosmetic treatment aftercare.

Free from

No Alcohol Alcohol

No Mineral Oil Mineral oil

No Parabens Parabens

No Fragrances Fragrance

No Sulphates Sulphates

The Recoverëderm range has been specially formulated with advanced ingredients to soothe,
calm and protect the skin, while reducing the visible signs of ageing.

Australian Bio-Active Maritech®

+ Australian Bio-Active Maritech® Reverse

A unique Marine Algae extract, sustainably sourced from the pristine waters of Tasmania, this ingredient is rich in Fucoidan with clinically proven soothing, protecting and anti-ageing benefits.

ProRenew CLR™ Probiotic Complex

+ ProRenew CLR™ Probiotic Complex

Accelerates the recovery of the skin’s barrier function and helps skin quickly adapt to external stress.


+ Neutrazen

A Neurocosmetic peptide designed to soothe and calm irritated skin, reduce visual redness and signs of swelling and improve sensitive skin resilience.

Tazman Berry

+ Tazman Berry

Provides instant calming and soothing benefits to alleviate the appearance of skin redness, visible signs of inflamed skin and instantly reduces the feeling of itching or burning skin.


+ Cehami®

An indigenous botanical extract proven to soothe and calm the skin.


+ Ceramides

An essential element to help maintain a healthy skin barrier function, forming a protective layer on the skin to shield against environmental aggressors and prevent moisture loss.

Sensitive skin

Skin sensitivities can occur at any age and can be triggered by several factors. Skin may become dry, tight, red and highly irritated.

• Internal factors such as hormones or genetics

• Environmental factors such as the sun, excessive heat, air conditioning, pollution, dirt

• External factors such as lifestyle, diet, stress

• Irritations from skincare products and make-up

• Irritations after cosmetic procedures that can cause the skin to be sensitised


How do I know if I have sensitive skin?

• Often feels tight and uncomfortable

• Can feel sensitive to touch and sometimes even sore

• Dries very quickly and can become flaky

• Flushes easily, showing signs of redness that may or may not disappear

• Texture can appear uneven

• Reacts very easily when using skincare and make-up products

• Can become itchy and irritated with detergents

• Turns red and dries out after a hot shower or bath

How do I resolve sensitive skin issues and illuminate ongoing?

1. Avoid environmental factors that can trigger and cause skin irritations

2. Reduce or avoid the use of cosmetic products that can cause irritations

3. Replace with products that have been specially formulated to reduce irritations.

4. Protect the skin from harsh external elements such as the sun, wind, extreme cold

What ingredients are best to avoid in skincare if I have Sensitive Skin

• Alcohol, fragrance, artificial colours

• Avoid known ingredients that can cause irritations

• Avoiding individual triggers can help eliminate symptoms

Can I use Recoverëderm if I don’t have sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Dr. LeWinn’s Recoverëderm has been formulated using gentle active ingredients that deliver superior calming and soothing benefits. The range has also been dermatologist tested on sensitive skin users to ensure the right tolerance and suitability for skin sensitivities.

How long before I see results?

Sensitive skin will feel instant comfort and soothing on application thanks to the textures and ingredients included.

The skin barrier function will continue to improve with continuous application.

In clinical and user trials, 90% of users noticed an improvement in their overall skin condition in just 1 week*

Can I use Recoverederm while pregnant?

We recommend consulting your doctor before starting any new skincare regime.

Discover the Recoverëderm range

Discover Dr. LeWinn's Recoverederm - proAGE + Sensitive Skin Discover Dr. LeWinn's Recoverederm - proAGE + Sensitive Skin

*Clinical study performed on Cellular Defence Rich Replenishing Cream and Intensive Overnight Barrier Repair Balm.
^Results based on a 1-week consumer trial as part of an independent laboratory study.